Company VIMAT d.o.o. was founded in 1990. It originated from crafts to produce nuts and bolts, registered in 1970.

Vimat 1970.

The main activity of the company is the manufacture and wholesaler of bolting products and connecting technology program as general agent for Hamar also for Fischer as autorized distributor.

Vimat 1990.

Our production operates in its own property at address Novaki, Industrijska 4.

Vimat today


Part of the range of our production according to special requirements of customers.


Storage space and wholesale goods is done at Odvojak Industrijske ulice 2.

Storage and administration


Here you can get daily professional information on the entire product range by the standards and according to your special requirements.
We guarantee deadlines and quality according to the requirements of customers, especially in the case of products from own production, which is confirmed by our longtime satisfied customers.
Over 45 years of sustainability in the market talking about the seriousness and quality of our company.

We are currently implementing the introduction of corporate governance in accordance with ISO 9001, with which we plan in the future to achieve greater stability and reliability in the process of production, better recognition among customers and cost reductions, including improved market competitiveness.

Industrijska 4. Novaki, 10431 Sv. Nedelja, CROATIA
Tel.: + 385 1 3373 700, 3373 701, 3370 849, Fax. + 385 1 3370 660