We offer over 500 items of standard goods packed in blister box, intended for retail sale.
Blister sales system was conceived in order to speed up the time of issuance of goods that is consumed in counting the large packaging.
Blisters are sorted and hung on hooks closet measuring 1 x 2 m, at which fit up to 180 items, depending on the size of the product.

An example of one set of cabinets for blisters:

An example of a label on the blister with all the necessary details:

1. Product ordering number
2. Product bar code
3. Data required for inspection, retail, replacing additional stickers on packages
4. Product name and dimensions
5. Quantity in blister
6. Price according to the markings A-N, which replaces the additional price stickers on packages

To offer blister packaging, please contact us.

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